650 Newport Center Office Building

Newport Beach, California - The Irvine Company

Bella Terra

Huntington Beach, California - DJM Development Partners

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center – Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion

Los Angeles, California - Cedars-Sinai

City Creek Center

Salt Lake City, Utah - City Creek Reserve, Inc.
Project Management

PCM Knows Project Management

PCM's success in Project Management has been consistent over the years with hundreds of projects for Owners & Contactors. We know a schedule must be easily understood and usable by your team to get the job done on time.

Project Management

PCM Knows Construction

Our extensive experience with major construction projects gives us a unique insight into your industry. We know the common sources of delay and other problems and how to fix them or stop them before they happen.

Project Management

PCM Knows Customer Support

Let PCM join your team. We're there only when you need us. Then, we disappear, to reappear only when you need us again - not a continuous burden to your payroll. The PCM project management process is Efficient and Effective!

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